Wavenode SHF-3B Sensor

  • SHF-3 sensor head for Wavenode WN2
  • 0-500W power handling
  • 950 – 1300MHz range
  • PTFE stripline with dual differential detectors
  • N-Type female connectors
  • <20dB return loss
  • >22 db directivity
  • 0.05dB insertion loss
  • Will display SWR accurately at power levels > 2 watts.

Price excl VAT: £149.95
incl VAT: £179.94


The all new Wavenode SHF-3B Sensor

Capable of continuous operation at up to 500W carrier output.

Ideal for use with QRO 23cms sets ups (including our Gemini 23 250W amp)