About Us

The DX Shop is an amateur and commercial radio equipment trading business owned by Roger Banks.

Roger, GW4WND has been licenced since 1981 and is a keen HF/VHF/UHF DX’er when time permits.

The DX Shop is also the owner and manufacturer of Linear Amp UK amplifiers. See our dedicated website www.linearamp.co.uk for full information on these products.

We are also a full Distributor and Service centre for Acom Amplifiers.

Based on the Welsh Borders you are welcome to visit us at any time. Roger and Steve will be pleased to demonstrate product to you and offer as much free advice as you can take over a cup of tea or coffee!.

We mail order worldwide.

Alternatively you can come onto the LIVE chat on the website and we can discuss/view things over the internet.

The business aim of The DX Shop is simple – to provide you, the discerning radio amateur, with the high end specification equipment and accessories needed to maximise the efficiency of your operational station.

We are not just box shifters and never will be – we are specialists tailoring our products and supply to your specific needs. If you do not see exactly what you need then give us a call – a lot of what we do here is bespoke work to a customer’s individual specifications.

We build and supply complete solutions from microphones to antennas. We build EME and high-end complete VHF arrays supplied ready to assemble.We can make up cables and patch leads to your terminations in anything from RG178 to semi-rigid’s to AVA7-50 and beyond. We can phase match to your requirements using our in-house Keysight and Rodhe & Schwarz equipped testing facilty.

We repair and refurbish all makes of amateur equipment.

We supply equipment and design expertise to commercial and military markets.