UHF Plug to fit Ecoflex 15, LMR®600, CNT600

  • UHF Plug (Male) to fit Ecoflex 15, LMR®600, CNT600, ANT600
  • Top Hat Compression fitting to braid
  • Crimp or solder centre pin
  • White Bronze finish with gold plated pin

Price excl VAT: £8.29
incl VAT: £9.95


UHF Plug Ecoflex-15, ANT600, CNT600, LMR®600 or Equivalent Cable, Clamp, Top Hat Compression Body in White Bronze, Crimp and or Solder Pin Gold Plated.

This new design of connector allows for pin to be soldered and or crimped solderless with no heat required.

® LMR is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems, Inc.