Toroidal Transformer for 8877 amplifiers 230V primary

  • 1100v @ 1.9A
  • 5V @ 12A
  • Self resetting thermal trip
  • 210mm diameter x 80mm height
  • Weight 15Kg

Price excl VAT: £305.00
incl VAT: £366.00


Toroidal transfomer designed for use with 8877 (3CX1500A7) amplifiers.

The transformer supplies a secondary for HT at 1100V /1.9A designed to then go through a voltage doubler/rectifier circuit to provide 3000V for the 8877.

Heater winding is 5V at 12A

Primary voltage is 230V 50/60Hz

A self-resetting thermal trip is incorporated in the transformer wired in series with the primary. The trip operates at approximately 120C.

All voltages stated are ‘open circuit’ voltages.

The current ratings stated are maximum current ratings when used for SSB. The transformer can be used up to its maximum rating. For modes requiring continuous carrier (RTTY/FSK/ etc) then you should aim for about 50% duty cycle or de-rate accordingly.