SPID RAEL Elevation Rotator

  • Elevation Rotator for big arrays
  • Digital controller with PC interface
  • Takes 50 mm horizontal tube.

Price excl VAT: £425.00
incl VAT: £510.00

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The SPID RAEL Elevation Rotator is a heavy duty elevation only rotator complete with digital Controller.

If you are looking for a heavy duty elevation rotator to elevate a multi element array then the SPID RAEL is the choice. Designed from scratch for amateur and professional use the rotator features a high torque DC motor with worm gear drive.This provides a positive brake so no clutches are needed.

The SPID RAEL will take a 50mm horizontal tube.

The digital control unit allows independent control of elevation  Drivers are available for popular moonbounce software such as Moodsked, Orbitron and PstRotator.

Interconnection is via 4 core cable – available from ourselves.