SPID BIG RAS Heavy Duty Azimuth & Elevation Rotator

  • Heavy duty Azimuth & Elevation Rotator for big arrays
  • Digital controller with PC interface
  • Turning torque 1300 Nm
  • Brake Torque 2712 Nm
  • Vertical load up to 318 Kg
  • 60 sec rotation with 0.5 deg resolution
  • Takes 50 mm horizontal tube.

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The SPID BIG-RAS Azimuth and Elevation Rotator is a heavy duty antenna two axis rotator complete with digital Controller designed for large EME and terrestrial arrays.

If you are looking for a ‘serious’ heavy duty rotator to steer a multi element array then the SPID BIG-RAS is the choice. Designed from scratch for amateur and professional use the rotator features high torque DC motors with double worm gear drive to both axes. These provide a positive brake so no clutches are needed.

The SPID BIG-RAS is designed for very large eme/multi antenna arrays and comes complete with an electronic control unit. The rotator is designed to be mounted onto a single tube of up to 66mm diameter or by using an optional adaptor plate for conventional in-tower mounting where you would normally bolt a rotator.

The SPID BIG-RAS will take a 50mm horizontal tube.

The digital control unit allows independent control of elevation and azimuth to an accuracy of 1 degree. It has a USB output to PC allowing PC control of both az and el using suitable software. Drivers are available for popular moonbounce software such as Moodsked, Orbitron and PstRotator.

Interconnection is via 8 core cable – available from ourselves.

Technical data:

Azimuth angle of turn: 360° +/- 180°
Elevation angle of turn: 180° +/-20°
Azimuth rotation speed: 60 sec.
Elevation rotation speed: 40 sec.

Motor voltage: 18 DC/1.5A

Weight: 22 kg

The SPID BIG-RAS requires an external 18v power supply – these are available from ourselves.