SP400 70MHz Masthead Preamplifier

  • 0.7dB Noise figure
  • 70-71Mhz Frequency Range
  • 10-20dB adjustable gain
  • 750W SSB power handling (when sequenced)
  • RF sensed changeover or sequential
  • Powered from DC voltage on Coaxial cable or separate supply

Price excl VAT: £288.87
incl VAT: £346.64

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New for Autumn 2020

At last we have a 4m masthead preamp available from SSB!

With similar base specifications to the SP200 the new SP400 covers 70-71MHz with a nice low noise figure (nf) and decent bandpass filtering to give good out of band strong signal rejection.

Power can be fed either directly yo the unit or Bias T fed up the coax. The SP400 has rf-sensed switching so can be used without a sequencer at up to 100W rf power level. Above that a sequencer is recommended to avoid hot switching. Fully sequenced the SP400 will handle 400W CW/FM/DATA modes or 750W pep SSB (more than enough for the UK 22dBW power limit for sure!)