PowAbeam UKAC144-8 144MHz antenna

  • 8 element 144MHz PowAbeam
  • 13.2dBi gain
  • 3dB f/b
  • 3.4m boom
  • Low Q design

Price excl VAT: £100.00
incl VAT: £120.00


If you are working UKAC contests on a Tuesday night and live in central UK (not away in a corner somewhere) then our PowAbeam antennas for 2m and 70cms will be ideal for you. Combining good gain with broader beamwidth and front to back it means if you are beaming to the North to work GM you will still hear and be heard in other directions and not be completely nulled out by a sharply focused beam.

With boom lengths under 3.5m these antennas are lightweight, durable and unobtrusive.

The low Q design makes the antenna unaffected by rain or snow.

UKAC 144 8 element yagi horizontal gain plot