N-Type Male Plug for Ecoflex 10, LMR®400, CNT400, ANT400

  • N-Type Male (Plug)
  • Fits Ecoflex 10, LMR®400,CNT400,ANT400 cables
  • Top Hat Compression fitting outer
  • Solder centre pin – gold plated
  • Outer White Bronze finish

Price excl VAT: £5.00
incl VAT: £6.00


N Plug for ANT400, CNT400, LMR®400, Ecoflex-10 or  Equivalent Cable, Clamp, Top Hat Compression White Bronze Body, Solder Pin Gold Plated.


The Top Hat Compression Body is easy to fit. finished in White Bronze gives a good fitting connector with excellent quality and finish.


® LMR is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems, Inc.