MHP 200 144MHz ultra low noise masthead preamplifier

  • 0.3dB Noise figure
  • 3rd order IP +22dBm
  • 1.5kW SSB power handling (750W CW)
  • Excellent selectivity

Price excl VAT: £466.19
incl VAT: £559.43


The MHP 200 is an ultra low-noise Masthead-Preamplifier with coaxial relay changeover capable of handling SSB RF-Power levels of up to 1500 Watts (750W on CW).

The integral coaxial-relays have succesfully been tested up to 2 KW SSB and feature large goldplated contact areas with extremely low insertion loss (0.1dB). Double shielded Teflon coaxial cables are used in order to guarantee a low losses and a high power handling capability.

There is no RF-VOX and protection circuits in the MHP 200 so a sequencer such as the DCW 2004B or amplifier with integral sequencer MUST be used.

Power is supplied via a separate 13.8v supply to a UHF socket between the twp N-Type sockets on the underside of the unit.


Technical Data:

Frequency range: 144-146 MHz 
Noise figure typ.: 0.3 dB 
Gain typ.: 24 dB 
Max. power SSB/CW: 1500 / 750 Watt 
Insertion loss: 0.1 dB 
Supply voltage: 13.8 V 
Current consumption: 440 mA 
Max. Mast diameter: 58 mm



Interconnect details for use with the DCW2004 sequencer are HERE.