MHP 200 144MHz ultra low noise masthead preamplifier

  • 0.3dB Noise figure
  • 3rd order IP +22dBm
  • 1.5kW SSB power handling (750W CW)
  • Excellent selectivity

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The MHP 200 is an ultra low-noise Masthead-Preamplifier with coaxial relay changeover capable of handling SSB RF-Power levels of up to 1500 Watts (750W on CW).

The integral coaxial-relays have successfully been tested up to 2 KW SSB and feature large gold-plated contact areas with extremely low insertion loss (0.1dB). Double shielded Teflon coaxial cables are used in order to guarantee a low losses and a high power handling capability.

There is no RF-VOX and protection circuits in the MHP 200 or MHP200R so a sequencer such as the DCW 2004B or amplifier with integral sequencer MUST be used. However – from 2022 MHP units now have added amplitude limiting protection circuitry built in to protect against rf damage if the rig’s barefoot power beats the users sequencer. Previously it was compulsory to sequence the rig correctly (along with any linear amplifier) and this always posed problems when using data modes like FT8/JT65 etc where the rig was commanded to tx by software or a vox soundcard.
The new version MHP preamplifiers are now protected against this low power rf so making them much easier to install an  operate and less prone to rf damage.

Power is supplied via a separate 13.8v supply to a UHF socket between the twp N-Type sockets on the underside of the unit.


Technical Data:

Frequency range: 144-146 MHz
Noise figure typ.: 0.5 dB
Gain typ.: 24 dB
Max. power SSB/CW: 1500 / 750 Watt
Insertion loss: 0.1 dB
Supply voltage: 13.8 V
Current consumption: 440 mA
Max. Mast diameter: 58 mm



Interconnect details for use with the DCW2004 sequencer are HERE.