GS-35 Anode/Cathode Brass Band Clamp Set

  • Anode and Cathode clamp straps for GS-35 Valves
  • 1.5mm brass
  • 1 of each in the set

Price excl VAT: £19.99
incl VAT: £23.99


A set of brass clamps for Anode and Cathode of a GS35 valve

Formed from 1.5mm untreated brass these are ideal for your GS35 valve project. The anode clamp is designed to fit around the lower smooth edge of the GS35 anode copper heatsink and clamps tight with a 20mm x 3mm bolt and nut ( not supplied). It is drilled in the edge to take a M3 countersunk head screw for HT supply and M6 thin head nut for the anode blocking capactor.

The cathode band fits likeswise secured by a 20mm x m3 bold and nut ( not supplied)

These are the actual straps we use in our Linear Amp Discovery 2, Discovery 6 and Challenger HF amplifiers.

The price shown is for one anode and one cathode strap.