Gemini 70-1K 1000W 432MHz Solid State Linear Amplifier

  • 1000W Output 430-440MHz
  • Solid State linear amplifier for all modes
  • Integral Power Supply 100-260V 50/60Hz input
  • Cooling for EME / Datamode / Contest use
  • Sequenced preamp power and control
  • 14.5Kg

Price excl VAT: £2,040.83
incl VAT: £2,449.00


The Gemini 70-1K  432MHZ Linear Amplifier is a solid state 1000W CW output Linear Amplifier for 430-440Mhz.


Being a Linear Amplifier it is suitable for all modes of operation SSB/CW/RTTY/PSK/FT8 etc.


From the same stable as the Gemini 2-1.2K the Gemini 70-1K 432MHZ Linear Amplifier has been designed from the start with high duty cycle usage in mind. The core of the amplifier is dominated by a 7.5Kg aluminium heatsink cooled by three temperature controlled fans making it ideal for dedicated EME / MS / FSK / JT mode users and contesters.


The Integral Power Supply units will accept 100-260V Mains Input so the unit can be used worldwide without any modifications.


The Gemini 70-1K is quiet in operation. Main cooling fans only run when they need to and are controlled by our own PIC fan controller giving step-less speed control proportional to temperature.


Specifications are:

  • Max output 900W 430-440MHz
  • P1dB 900W output
  • Spurious outputs <55dB wrt 900W
  • Input R/L >15dB
  • Drive levels 15-20W
  • Built in sequencer and Bias T feed for masthead preamplifiers
  • Protection for Overdrive/SWR/Over Temperature
  • RX Insertion Loss <0.3dB
  • Overall efficiency at 1kW output >60%
  • RF output meter
  • RF Device 1 x ART1k6FH LDMOS
  • Power requirements 100-260V 50-60Hz
  • Dimensions 315mm wide x 180mm high x 360mm deep
  • Weight 14.5Kg
  • Made in the UK.

The Gemini 70-1K  432MHZ Linear Amplifier will work really well with our larger terrestrial PowAbeam antennas such as the 432MHz 22 Element PowAbeam and others.

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