Ecoflex 15 FRNC – per Metre

Ecoflex 15 FRNC is a flexible, very low-loss 50 Ohm coaxial cable for the frequency range up to 6 GHz.

Fire Retardant Low Halogen outer

High screening attenuation

Can be used inside buildings as well as outside.


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Ecoflex 15 FRNC is a flexible low loss 50 ohm coaxial cable for the frequency range up to 6 GHz. Advanced manufacturing techniques combined with the use of a low loss PE-LLC dielectric with a foaming rate of more than 70% result in very low attenuation values.

The unique construction of Ecoflex 15 FRNC combines the excellent attenuation properties of non-flexible solid inner conductor 1/2“ cables with the high flexibility of cables manufactured with stranded inner conductors.

The high flexibility of Ecoflex 15 FRNC is further enhanced through the use of an oxygen-free copper inner conductor containing 7 stranded bare
copper wires. During a special manufacturing process the inner conductor is continuously compressed, calibrated and then pre-coated to achieve good attenuation, good return loss values and stable impedance matching.

Another advantage of Ecoflex 15 FRNC its double shielding: an overlapping copper foil and an additional shield braiding of bare copper wires with 75 % coverage ensure a high screening attenuation of > 90 dB at 1 GHz.

The jacket of Ecoflex 15 FRNC is made of a special thermoplastic copolymer (FRNC: Flame Retardant Non Corrosive). Due to this flame retardant and halogen-free material the cable has a low fire load, low flame propagation and limited smoke emission.
The amount of toxic and corrosive gases is considerably reduced during combustion. With the fire protection rating Ecoflex 15 FRNC is approved for
installation in public buildings.

We like this cable – better construction and more flexible than CNT600

It uses the same connectors as Ecoflex 15 and 15 PLUS

Diameter:……………… 14.6 mm
Impedance:…………… 50 Ohm
Loss@1GHz/100m:… 9.8 dB
Max. Frequency:……. 6 GHz