Earth Grounding Clamp Kits

  • Earth Grounding Clamp Kits
  • Options for 7mm/10mm/15mm cables
  • Self sealing on assembly
  • Complete with earth bonding cable

Price excl VAT: £19.99
incl VAT: £23.99


These new earth grounding clamp kits are a quick and easy install solution to providing equipotential bonding of coax and ground. Grounding the coax eliminates potential differences (voltages) between the coax cable and the earth potential. Especially during thunderstorms, charging can occur on the antenna or on the coax cable. This static charge is removed with the earthing clamp and the connected device is protected. A grounding clamp is not a replacement for lightning protection.

Unlike other earth clamp kits on the market these units are self sealing on assembly. So you just expose the outer braid over the required length and then clamp the unit around the cable – the action of clamping seals the kit to the cable and makes it fully weatherproof to IP68.

The 40cm long tin plated 16mm2 copper earth bonding lead is PVC coated and UV resistant.

Three different sizes are available:

Grounding clamp GC-7
Item no.: 6818
Suitable for Aircell 7, Ecoflex 7 and all common coaxial cables
with 7 mm outer diameter.

Grounding clamp GC-10
Item no.: 6819
Suitable for Ecoflex 10, Ecoflex 10 Plus, Aircom Premium and all
common coaxial cables with 10 mm outer diameter.

Grounding clamp GC-15
Item no.: 6820
Suitable for Ecoflex 15, Ecoflex 15 Plus and all common coaxial cables
with 15 mm outer diameter.

All hardware parts are stainless steel other than the copper grounding cable.

Installation / assembly instructions can be found  HERE