DX-L400 Low Loss Coaxial Cable 10.3mm – per Metre

  • Low loss 10.3mm coaxial cable
  • Suitable for HF up to SHF frequencies
  • Standard connector fitment
  • 100m reel

Price excl VAT: £3.10
incl VAT: £3.72


Coaxial cables are generally very expensive and a big investment in an Amateur Radio installation. Our new DX-L400 may be the solution to achieving high specification without the high cost.

If you are looking for a low loss cable as an alternative to the LMR®400 / CNT400 / Ecoflex 10 / RG213 then our new DX-L400 is the answer.

Very similar specifications to LMR®400/CNT400 this 10.3mm cable is perfect for HF right up to SHF applications.

Dimensionally the same as CNT400/Ecoflex 10 and using the same connectors the DX-L400 is easy to work with and it’s durable PE coating ensures long life without degradation.

The foil screen is bonded to the dielectric foam so will not creep or fracture with repeated bending so DX-L400 can be used around rotators or with pump up masts where continuous movement without loss of performance or integrity is required.


Inner conductor: Copper Clad Aluminium 2.74mm

Dielectric: Foam Polyethylene 7.24mm

Foil Screen: Bonded Aluminium Polyester Foil Tape 100%

Braid Screen: Tinned Copper 90%

Outer Sheath:  Polyethylene 10.3mm O.D.

Characteristic Impedance (Ω): 50±3

Attenuation (dB/100m):

30MHz <2.2

50MHz <2.9

150MHz <5.0

220MHz <6.1

460MHz <8.9

900MHz <12.8

1500MHz <16.8

1800MHz <18.6

2000MHz <19.6

2500MHz <22.2

5800MHz  <35.5

Velocity Factor: 0.85

® LMR is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems, Inc.