Dragino LPS-8 LoRaWAN Gateway

  • 10 channel LoRaWAN gateway
  • Wifi or Ethernet connection
  • Preconfigured plug and play.
  • Supplied with power supply

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The LPS8 LoRaWAN Gateway allows LoRaWAN devices to connect to an internet network via WiFi or Ethernet.

The Dragino LPS8 uses a Semtech packet forwarder and fully compatible with the LoRaWAN protocol. It includes a SX1308 LoRa concentrator, which provides 10 programmable parallel demodulation paths.

LPS8 comes pre-configured with standard LoRaWAN frequency bands and set by us for use in Europe on the EU868 band. Users can configure the LPS8 for use for different countries and the user can also configure the gateway for use with other networks (such as Helium). The LPS8 runs on open-source software.

(Please note that Dragino Hotspots on Helium are considered a non-PoC Light Hotspot. You will NOT earn HNT using this device currently)