DCW2004B VHF Sequencer

The DCW 2004 B VHF Sequence-Controller provides precise sequential controlled switching of a VHF power amplifier, rig, transverter and LNA/pre-amplifier and also provides a remote feeding voltage for the Super-Amp range of pre-amplifiers via the coaxial cable.
Covers 6m-70cm

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The supply of voltage to masthead preamplifiers via the coaxial cable means easy installation without any need for additional supply lines.
The DCW 2004 B offers three different switching outputs for the precisely delayed switching of power amplifiers, transverters and other devices.
This Sequence Controller removes the risk of damage to preamplifiers by removing the risk of RF spikes from the amplifier feeding into the device.

Suitable for use on 6m through to 70cm.


Technical Data DCW 2004 B 6m, 2m, 70cm
Transmissible power
6/2m = 2000 W (SSB) / 1000W (CW)
70cm = 500 W (SSB) / 300W (CW)
Insertion loss
0,1 dB
Connection norm
Preamplifier voltage
(remote feeding)
0,5 A max loadable
PTT switching output
power amplifier
30 V at 0,5 A max.
Relay switching outputs
30 V at 0,5 A max.
-PTT Input
switches at <2 V
+PTT Input
switches at >5 V
Operating voltage
12-15 V
Recommended voltage
13,8 V
40x120x654 mm
600 g














NOTE: when using this unit for switching the MHP-145 the sequencer provides the 13,8v supply on/off sequencing and does not use its internal RF relays.