CQMSOTA144 144MHz 3 element Yagi for SOTA

  • 3 ele lightweight 144MHz antenna
  • 7dBi gain
  • 750g total weight
  • Assembles in 1 minute

Price excl VAT: £37.08
incl VAT: £44.50


The CQMSOTA144 is a compact light weight 144MHz PowAbeam antenna designed specifically for SOTA (Summits On The Air) and other portable activities.

Weighing in at a mere 750g the CQM-SOTA 144 will take just a minute to assemble. Elements are mounted on clips. Pass bolt thru boom, put on nut, do up.

No tuning, no baluns nothing to adjust.

Boom extends behind reflector for hand held or mast mounting.

20mm boom, 3/16″ solid rod passive elements and 5/8″ 16swg driven element. Longest element 108cm.

Supplied with 1m coaxial cable terminated in N-Female connector (other connectors can be fitted – ask us)