AS-4SQ-40 Four Square Hybrid Controller for 40m

  • 4 Square Hybrid Controller for 40m
  • Push Button control
  • Omnidirectional option
  • 3kW CW/6kWPEP Power Handling

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The Array Solutions 4SQ-40 controller is a hybrid controller for use with four square vertical arrays. Typically this would be 4 x 1/4 wave verticals spaced 1/4 wave apart and current fed from the the outdoor box at the centre of the array using phase matched 75R cables.

The 4SQ-40 allows four way instantaneous switching of direction. Uniquely the unit also has an omnidirectional button as well to select all four antennas.

We have installed and use these controllers here a the DX Shop so know them in detail – please call us to discuss!

  • Corrosion resistant Aluminum metal boxpainted and silkscreened
  • Power 3+ KW CW / 6+ KW PEP
  • VSWR Less then 1.3:1 over the band of operation
  • Gain 5.5 dB over single vertical 6.16 dB optimized
  • 4 directions with an additional Omni-directional feature
  • Electronic phasing Optimized Hybrid Coupler and LC network for OMNI mode
  • Phasing Options Quadrature and Optimization Kit Capacitors in networks
  • Temperature stable high current RF capacitors – NPO
  • Weight and size 15 lbs ~ External unit – 11”X7.5”X3.625” ,Shack controller box, 2X4X5”