Andrew Heliax AVA5-50FX (Formerly LDF5-50)

  • AVA5-50FX 7/8″ Andrew HELIAX Coaxial Cable, Black
  • 2.58dB/100M loss @ 500 MHz
  • Velocity Factor 91%
  • Price is per Metre.

Price excl VAT: £9.99
incl VAT: £11.99


AVA5-50FX (formerly named LDF5-50) coaxial cable is probably the largest practical cable likely to be used in Amateur use.

Ultra low loss specification – dB/loss per 100m:

  • 100 MHz       1.11dB
  • 500 MHz       2.58dB
  • 1000 MHz     3.75dB
  • 2000 MHz     5.52dB

AVA5-50FX is perfect for the main feed line to an large VHF/UHF DX or EME aerial system. Remember that whilst an LNA at masthead will give the RX performance any feeder losses will affect the amount of RF getting to the aerials on transmit – lower feeder loss = higher ERP from your system.


Note connectors for AVA5-50FX are not the same as for LDF5-50 – please specify which cable you need them to fit when ordering.

Detailed Cable Specifications on PDF

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