Alpin 100 Series replacement Power Transformer

  • Replaces OEM fitment transformer
  • 220-240V AC 50/60Hz primary
  • Simple fitment

Price excl VAT: £575.00
incl VAT: £690.00

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The Alpin 100 series Linear Amplifiers are no longer in production. Although they share a lot of Acom 1000 internals (as they were built under licence from Acom in Bulgaria) the voltage supply side of the amplifier is different. In the Alpin 100 series HT is derived from a voltage doubler circuit rather than a bridge rectified voltage in the Acom 1000. There are also other wiring differences.

The original (OEM) transformers for the Alpin 100 are no longer available.

We have commissioned a UK made replacement that will fit into the chassis with only minor modifications to the drill hole positions in the base of the chassis. It utilises the connectors from the OEM transformer so no special awkward connectors to source.

The replacement provides all the voltages needed for 220-240V 50/60Hz operation. It does NOT include the 100-120V tapping’s on the primary that were originally supplied.

The transformer secondaries are terminated in a ‘chocolate block’ type connector mounted on the transformer chassis. It is necessary to cut off the 9 way and 2 way plugs from the old transformer close to the core and then reuse these cables connecting them as needed for the voltages required.

Full details are enclosed with the new transformer.



0 – 230V with 0-115V tap to run the fan only (not to be used to power the amp at 110V)