Alpha 91b and 99 Replacement Power Transformer

  • Fits ETO Alpha 91b / 99 Linear Amplifiers
  • Direct replacement for original fitment
  • Made specifically for us by the OEM Supplier

Price excl VAT: £649.00
incl VAT: £778.80

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We are pleased to now be able to offer a direct replacement main Power Transformer for the ETO Alpha 91b and 99 Amplifiers.

There are plenty of these fine amplifiers still in use and any issues with them seem to be, like other manufacturers, related to either tube or transformer problems. Tubes are available, transformers have not been until now.

Alpha, as such, no longer exists so cannot supply.  We approached the OEM manufacturer of the transformer and have got them to make a small quantity batch for us to the complete and original specification.

This 91b/99 transformer is a direct replacement – same connections, same dimensions, same four hole chassis mount positions. Exactly as the OEM fitment.

In detail it is wound, as the OEM part for CCS (Continuous Commercial Service) operation with:

0-100-120 & 0-100-120 50/60Hz 1 phase

0-2050V @ 1.5A
105V @ 0.5A
310V @ 0.5A
14-0-14V Centre Tapped @ 3A
13.3V @ 7.2A

Those astute observers amongst you will probably have noticed the similarity to the ACOM 2000A transformer. Whilst visually very similar there are winding and connector differences so the two are not interchangeable.