Acom 700S Solid-State 1.8-54 MHz Linear Amplifier

  • 1.8-54MHz Amateur Band Coverage
  • 700W PEP or Digital output for 27W drive
  • Auto band changing or CAT
  • 5″ TFT screen
  • 100-240V AC operation
  • 2 Year Warranty

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Price excl VAT: £2,249.17
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The ACOM 700S (A700S) is a state-of-the art linear power amplifier that covers all amateur bands from 1.8 through 54 MHz and provides 700 W rated output power (PEP or continuous carrier). The amplifier operating information is shown on a multi-functional, high resolution colour display. ACOM 700S can be controlled either by the six front-panel buttons or remotely.

Download the User Manual HERE

User-friendly automatic control
When connected to a transceiver with CAT capability, the amplifier will track the operating frequency and will change bands accordingly. Even if not CAT connected, the amplifier monitors the input signal frequency through the built-in frequency counter and automatically switches bands.

High-resolution colour display
All amplifier status indications are explained via detailed text displayed on the 5″ high-resolution colour display (108×65 mm, 800×480 pixels, and 24-bit colour).

Compatible with all transceiver models available on the market – does not need any special signals: “ground on transmit” and less than 25 W of RF drive power is sufficient.

LDMOS transistor technology
The ACOM 700S amplifier uses a rugged LDMOS transistor.

Broadband input circuit
Broadband input circuit, providing transceiver load with SWR below 1.2 without retuning throughout the whole frequency range from 1.8 to 54 MHz.

Takes care of itself via continuously working protection circuits in all modes. Detailed data about each of the last hard-fault protection trips is stored in the amplifier’s non-volatile memory.

Remote control capabilities
Remotely controlled by RS-232 port and via the Internet by the ACOM eBox Ethernet Remote Control device (function in development).

Compact and lightweight construction
Convenient for expeditions and field operation due to the extremely compact and lightweight construction and the built-in switching-mode power supply (SMPS). SMPS operates with extended mains voltage range of 100-240 VAC, with no internal switch over. The consumed current is purely sinusoidal, Power Factor Corrected (PFC) and inrush limited. This makes the operation of unstable mains and generators easy and trouble-free.

Electromagnetic compatibility
Perfect electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) with both highly sensitive devices and the powerful devices in the radio station (receivers, computers, other amplifiers) exceeds the standard EMC requirements due to the use of built-in radio-frequency filters.

Size & Weight (operating, excluding connected cables and opened tilt foot bar)

  • WxDxH: 326x388x155 mm, 11.6 kg (12.9×15.3×6.1 inches, 25.6 lbs.);

2 Year Warranty backed up with full factory-backed service and repair in our own workshops here at The DX Shop. No shipping to 3rd parties and long waits. After the warranty period ends units can be sent to us for inspection/quote/repair using OEM factory parts where needed that we source direct from Acom. Peace of mind…

Wideband operation Option
This amplifier as standard will operate on Amateur Bands only. We can optionally open the amp up to Continuous operation for MARS etc use. This requires a hardware modification that can be done before despatch. This is an ACOM factory approved modification that does NOT affect your warranty. Please select this option box if you wish us to do this for you.

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