144MHz 5 Element FLOWA (CQM5UC)

  • 8.7dB Gain
  • 16dB F/B Ratio
  • 1.0mboom
  • All stainless steel fixings
  • Mast clamp included
  • 10 minutes to assemble

Price excl VAT: £49.00
incl VAT: £58.80


The PowAbeam 144Mhz 5 element is a low profile wide band that uses 3/16″ solid rod for the parasitic elements and 5/8″ tube for the PowAbeam coaxial dipole driven element.

Superb performance in just a 1 meter boom length

Design criteria…

  • Designed for DXers
  • Stable wet weather performance
  • F/R power ratio (90-180 degrees) greater than 16dB (H-Plane)

The aerial is supplied requiring assembly only – no drilling required.

  • Pre-drilled round boom section
  • Paraclip element clips pre-attached to the boom – the elements just need sliding into place
  • Assembled PowAbeam coaxial dipole with 1m Ecoflex10 coaxial cable terminated in an in-line N Type socket.

Assembly will take about 10 minutes and requires insertion of the parasitic elements into the clips (each are clearly marked) and mounting of the coaxial dipole  A 10mm spanner or socket and a 4mm allen key are all that is required..