1115i – 1:1 Single Core Isolation Balun, 1.5-54 Mhz, 3kW

  • 1:1 Isolation Balun
  • 1.5-54MHz
  • 3kW handling
  • Dual SO-239 connections

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incl VAT: £105.54

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This is an outstanding new addition to the Balun Designs line of common mode suppression baluns and was developed working in collaboration Fair Rite products, a major ferrite producer.

The resulting characteristics of this balun make it what we consider to be the best single core 1:1 common mode suppression balun available today.

The level of choking impedance ramps up very quickly developing 3100 ohms on 160m and continues at even higher levels across the full HF spectrum. This is a very difficult level to reach at low frequencies, but even harder for a single core balun to achieve and maintain.  In addition, the SWR, transformation and return loss are near perfect.  This balun is truly exceptional and the most versatile unit on the market today.

If you are using an antenna switch it is important to install an isolation/suppression balun in the main feedline coming into your operating position.  The common ground of the switch allows RF/common mode current to come back on the shield of your unused antenna and installing a choke after the switch will suppress any of this before it reaches your equipment.

Our “i” series of feedline isolation baluns provide excellent feedline decoupling and low loss performance from 1 to 54 MHz depending on the model selected. The model 1115u is a single core design that will handle 5kW (50% duty cycle) at resonance  and provides high levels of common mode choking impedance and a large effective core area for excellent performance. Balun is configured with two SO-239 connectors.