1115dt – 1:1 Dual Core Maxi Choke Balun, 1.5-54 Mhz, 5kW

  • 1:1 Max Choke Balun
  • 1.5-54MHz
  • 5kW handling
  • SO239 / Dual stud on top configuration

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incl VAT: £129.60

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Designed for those who want the maximum isolation and choking across the full HF spectrum.

Building on the original 1:1 design by Dr. Jerry Sevick, this balun has two (2) cores in a stacked configuration to maximize choking impedance on HF bands from 1- 54MHz. By utilizing Mil-Spec coax, the SWR, Transformation and power handling are excellent while providing a choking impedance that exceeds 10,000 ohms. Even on 80m the choking impedance is over 2,000 ohms.

If you have RFI primarily from the lower frequencies or operate more on the low bands (160 thru 40m) you should consider the model 1116d for enhanced suppression and isolation on these bands.