10m Coaxial Feed cable for LoRaWAN outdoor/external antennas

  • 10m low loss coaxial cable for external LoRaWAN antennas
  • N-Male connector at antenna end
  • SMA Male RP connector at indoor end
  • Ideal for Bobcat and other Helium installs LoRaWAN

Price excl VAT: £59.99
incl VAT: £71.99


A 10 metre length of low loss coaxial cable for helium miners.

The cable is terminated at one end with an N-Type Male connector for fitment direct to an external antenna such as colinear vertical or similar. The indoor end is terminated in an N-Type Male connector as well but with an adaptor to convert it to SMA Male Reverse Polarity (SMA-RP). This will allow direct connection to devices such as the Bobcat 300, RAK, Kerlink, Nebra, Sensecap, LongAP, COTX and other LoRaWAN and Helium network devices.

The coaxial cable used is very flexible and is 10.3mm outer diameter. The flexibility allows it to be routed in confined spaces and to attach to the Bobcat or similar Helium or LoRaWAN devices without putting a large mechanical strain on the connectors. It is far more flexible when compared to LMR400 and similar in performance.

Insertion loss at 868MHz is only circa 3dB thus maximising both your transmit and receive strength and therefore your LoRaWAN coverage area making it the ideal coaxial cable for helium miners.

Fully weatherproof outdoor rated – plug and play.

Other lengths can be supplied if required – please contact us to discuss.