1-1000MHz Lightning / Surge protector with DC Block

  • 1-1000 MHz
  • Up to 2kW RF Capable
  • DC Block
  • <0.1dB Insertion Loss
  • N-Female connections

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DC Block Coaxial RF Surge Protectors incorporate a blocking capacitor and gas discharge tube (GDT) to provide isolation and maximum RF power of 2.0kW.

PTI-BB50 Series lightning and surge protectors help protect your equipment from electromagnetic pulse(EMP) or power surges that are commonly caused by lightning or other strong electrical charges.

N-Female / N-Female connectors

Power handling:

2.0kW (1.5 -50 MHz)

375W (50 – 220 MHz)

125W (220 – 700 MHz)

50W (700 – 1000 MHz)