Close-up of Dipole Centre
Professional Grade Dipole Centre Kit
Close-up of Dipole Centre

Professional Dipole Centre Kit – CCJ

  • Miltary Grade Professional Dipole Centre Kit
  • Supplied with two line-end insulators, eyelets and bolts
  • All heavy duty stainless hardware
  • Cable clamps included
  • Will handle at least 1500W CW

Price excl VAT: £32.00
incl VAT: £38.40


This is a professional grade dipole centre kit.

You get supplied the professional dipole centre with it’s guy supports, cable terminals and eyelets, two heavy duty line-end insulators and four stanless steel cable clamps.

Outlet is a standard SO239 UHF socket.

What makes these kits stand out from the rest is the quality of materials used – the steel used in the dipole centre is 3mm thick. There are separate attachment points for the tensioning support for each dipole wire and a solder/crimp terminal for the electical connection. A third, downward facing, support eye is moulded into the unit for support or anchoring.

These units are used by the military and professional communitcations Industries. Built to last not to fail.