RigRunner DC Panels

If, like me, you end up with a lot of equipment needing 13.8V in the shack then routing all the cables back to a single PSU with one pair of outlets becomes difficult and tedious. You end up trying to fit 10 pairs of spade terminals onto a single pair of terminal posts that are not designed to take that may cables! Nightmare.

Enter RIGrunner. RIGrunner is effectively a break-out box for your PSU. It allow a single heavy duty power supply cable to run from your PSU to a break-out box with multiple fused outlets. The individual cables from your RIG etc., connect to this panel using Anderson quick connectors. Very easy, neat and with no risk of shorting. Each channel is fused and there are under/over voltage alarms built into the units.

With RIGrunner installed you can now put the big heavy PSU on the floor out of the way and have the RIGrunner panel up on the shack desk behind the equipment with all the cabling neatly routed a short distance to it.

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