Brexit and EU Sales

The UK will leave the EU on 31st December 2020.

So what happens it I am in the EU and want to buy goods after this date?

From January 1 2021 if we sell to you and you are in the EU we will not charge and you will not pay UK VAT (currently 20%).

When the goods are shipped to you then on arrival at the EU customs border you will be liable to pay VAT at the current rate for your country and you will typically pay this to the courier prior to release of the goods. They may add a small handling fee in addition to this to cover their admin costs.

The procedure is, therefore, the same as if you were buying goods from anywhere else in the world outside the EU.

What about duties?

It is unlikely that any tariffs will apply to the products we trade. Even on WTO terms (that would apply if the UK leaves the EU without a deal) the major products we sell look to be at 0% Most Favoured Status so there appear their will be no additional amounts to pay.

What about warranty?

Nothing will change with respect to your warranty. Our standard 2 year warranty will still apply in exactly the same way as it does currently.